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About This Trip:

On this 8 hours’ city Orientation tour, we will take you to experience the most popular highlights of the city, starting from exploring Chengdu’s poetic quality in Huanhuaxi park and spiritual life in Bronze Goat Taoist Temple. On the rest of the day, you’ll walk all the way to People’s Park to stroll around and enjoy the laid-back life like locals, to Wenshuyuan Monastery area to eat like a foodie, and to wind up your day by indulging yourself in the most popular River Bridge Bar to taste Chengdu’s nightlife.



  • Duration: 8-10 hours
  • Priced From: $155/p for 1pax; $120/p for 2pax, $90/p for 3pax; $80/p for 4-5pax; $70/p above 6 pax
  • Time to Visit: All year
  • Destination: Huanhuaxi Park-Qingyanggong-Kuanzhai Alleys-People’s Park-Wenshuyuan Monastery-Anshun Bridge
  • Theme: Culture, Life style, Sightseeing, Walking
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    We start the day by hearing birds singing in Huanhuaxi Park, from where we stroll all the way along Funan River, past Dufu’s Thatched Cottage and to an antique market. In there, you may get dazzled by the fakes and genuine ones. Our last stop before lunch is Qingyang Gong (Bronze Goat Taoist temple), which is an unexpectedly quiet and peaceful temple in spite of a location in the busy noisy center of Chengdu. For lunch, we will continue to walk through a park and along Funan River to finally reach one of the most popular noodle restaurants among the locals and try its specialty literally named “the noodles with the strangest taste”.

    In the afternoon, after visiting Kuanzhai Alleys, a perfect combination of modernism and tradition, we will arrive at People’s Park to experience the locals' laid-back lifestyle. There is an open-air tea house of over 100 years’ history. It is the place where we will spend about 40 minutes doing nothing but drinking tea, eating sunflower seeds, watching people get their ears picked or hearing outdoor karaoke by the seniors. The third stop in the afternoon is Wenshuyuan Monastery, which is not only a religious place to learn about Buddhism, but also serves as a living quarter for the locals. Inside the traditional Chinese old-style buildings, we can find elegant tea houses, local snack restaurants, stylish cafés and even luxury hotels. Then there comes the real foodie moment. We can stop stand by stand for an amazing bite of Guo Kui (crusty pancakes with pork or beef filling), baked egg cake, or hot bean jelly etc..

    We will take the taxi to a local neighbourhood for the hotpot dinner, to make you try the most popular food in China. Our last stop of the day is the place where two rivers meet in the city. There is a popular River Bridge Bar on the over-600-year-old Anshun bridge which was one of the four bridges mentioned in “The Travels of Marco Polo”. The best way to wind up the day is to order a beer or Majito to relax every cell of your body under the night sky of Chengdu, isn’t it?


    1. Entrance fee of Qingyanggong Monastery
    2. English-speaking guide
    3. Noodle lunch and hotpot Dinner
    4. Local tea and snacks
    5. Hotel pick up by taxi

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