Beijing Cultural Immersion

About This Trip:

On this trip, students will not only explore Beijing’s ‘must sees’ and ‘must eats’, they will also step off the emperors’ path to experience the everyday lives of modern Beijingers.
This short educational tour itinerary is designed to expose the participants to a number of themes related to the history, architecture, art, culture and daily life of Beijing, China’s vibrant capital. Although the itinerary will lead the participant to some of the most recognizable sights in Beijing, we also hope to add depth to the experience through an active engagement with the local people to the greatest extent possible.


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Day 1 Arrive in Beijing

Upon arrival in Beijing you will be welcomed by your tour leader who will have arranged transportation from the airport to your accommodation, where you will have time to settle into your new surroundings and become refreshed after the long journey. Your tour leader will then  provide you with a country overview and orientation.

A welcome dinner will be arranged at local restaurant that will illustrate traditional Beijing cuisine. During the meal, your local tour leader will introduce some basic Chinese table manners and also teach you the Mandarin translation for each dish. We will end our first day with a group debriefing.

Day 2 the Forbidden City & Hutongs

After breakfast we will set off to visit Tian’anmen Square & Forbidden City. A short lecture on the history of ‘The Middle Kingdom’ will be given by your tour leader before we enter The Forbidden City .

After lunch, your tour leader will accompany you in taking pedi-cabs to explore the city's traditional labyrinth of neighbourhood alleyways, called Hutongs.

Day 3 the Temple of Heaven &Summer Palace

In the morning we head to the Temple of Heaven, where used to be a place for the emperors to pay their respect to the Heaven, We will also join the local people for some morning exercise which will allow you to experience an important part of daily life for Beijing residents. We will therefore conduct a short introductory Tai Chi lesson under the guidance of a martial arts master.

This afternoon take the time to walk around Summer Palace, an imperial park for the emperors to spend the summer time in the past.

After dinner we will head to the theatre to enjoy a Chinese acrobatics show in the evening.

Day 4 Great Wall Trek

This morning we will drive to the Great Wall for a day walking tour on the wall, whilst taking a morning trek upon this giant fortification line your tour leader will give you a short lecture on the subject of The Great Wall including the events leading up to its creation, its construction, and the subsequent two millennia of its existence.
Later we will go to the nearby village and learn how to make delicious dumplings with locals in a countryside home 

Day 5 Departure from Beijing

After breakfast, your tour leader will arrange transportation and accompany you to the airport in time for your flight to next destination. 

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