Guizhou Minority Community Service Program

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The Miao are known for elaborate embroidery and exquisite work with silver. Silver accessories are a standard for the Miao people. For more than 400 years, it’s been the custom to decorate oneself head to toe, with silver. A full set can weigh up to ten kilograms. The tradition of wearing silver is preserved by a great number of craftsmen, scattered through the Miao villages. Most of the silver accessories are made by hand in a traditional way. In Guizhou, besides the Miao, the Dong people are said to be the descendants of the ancient Guyue people, with a history of 2500 years. Not only are the Miao people known for their beautiful traditional outfits, but also for their unique style of singing.
Our service program to remote Guizhou offers students a chance to give back to the ethnic minority community with whom they will stay. Students work hand-in-hand with the local Miao villagers on everything from preparing meals to supporting local efforts to complete much needed infrastructure projects. There’s no better way to experience village life than becoming part of the community


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Day 1 Fly to Guiyang—Kaili

Take morning flight to Guiyang,  meet your guide at airport and drive to the restaurant nearby for lunch.  Drive 1.5 hours to a a village lived by Buiyi people, walk to visit a local Buiyi family and learn to make sticky rice cake for team building up. After that, drive another  1 hour to kaili, the capital of Maio and Dong  Autonomous Prefecture, Southeast Guizhou.

After dinner, go to super market to prepare  gifts for your host families in the village.

Day 2 kaili—Miao village

Check out the hotel, drive 50 minutes to the hiking tail Point and hike 4 hours to Baibi village. (snacks will be prepared on the way: banana, chocolate bar, cookie)

Have lunch at chef’s  house  after  the welcoming ceremony given by local Miao people . After that you will

meet your host families and check in your home stay families. Pay a visit to local primary school, teach the local kids English and  play sports with them or teach them games prepared by our students .

After dinner with your own host family, you will learn how to play Miao people’s traditional musical instrument called Lusheng, local traditional  dance will be taught as well.

Day 3 Miao village

Meet at chief ‘s house for breakfast, have a debriefing  about our community service. Walk 20 minutes to the service site and help local farmers to build s fish pond in the rice paddy. After lunch, continue building the fish pond  and try our best to wrap up all the work before we go back for dinner.

After  a farewell dinner called “Long Table Banquet” together with all of  your host family members, we will

have a bone fire party of singing and dancing with locals.

Day 4 Miao village --Hotel

Farming works by groups in the morning will be experienced  including catching fish in the rice paddy  and plowing with the aid of water buffllao. After lunch ,walk to local tea plantation and learn how to process green tea by steps of  picking the fresh tea leaves, frying tea leaves to dry and brewing the tea. Check out the miao village in the afternoon and take bus back to hotel in Kaili. Dinner will be Miao people’s famous specailty “Sour Soup Fish Hotpot”.

Day 5 Kaili-Guiyang--Fly back

Check out the hotel at 9 am and drive 45 minutes to visit the village of Green Miao called stone bridge that is named after the limestone arches surrounding the village.It is famous for the paper making from the mulberry bark with traditional way dated back to 2000 years ago,  you will learn the paper making history from locals and make your own paper by given a lesson by local masters.

 After lunch, drive to 2.5 hours to Guiyang airport for you flight back home. Trip ends.

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