Step into the Past: Old Town Life in South Sichuan

About This Trip:

Step into the past, with well preserved ancient villages and its inhabitants still keeping up with the old traditions. A mix of activities during this 6-day tour are sure to bring you something different and new every second. So come explore with us and discover incredible architecture, view adorable pandas, savor a spicy hotpot feast, attend a traditional Sichuanese Opera, marvel in the presence of the world’s largest stone Buddha and walk around a beautiful bamboo forest.

  • Duration: 6 days
  • Priced From: Upon request
  • Time to Visit: All year around
  • Destination: Chengdu-Yibing-Leshan-Zigong
  • Theme: Culture, lifestyle, History
  • Itinerary

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    Day 1  Home to Chengdu

    On arrival, you will meet your guide and driver at the airport. Next, you will be transferred to downtown where you will be able to check in. After a short rest in the hotel, we may go to People’s Park & Kuanzhai Alleys for a short leisure walk.
    A hot pot is arranged for the welcome dinner in the evening.

    Day 2  Chengdu to Fubao old Town via Zigong city

    This morning we leave Chengdu for Zigong, it is about 2.5 hours from Chengdu. We will first visit Zigong dinosaur museum, second the old street and finally the Salt Museum. 
    Before driving to Fubao Old Town, we will visit Xianshi old town, which is nearby the Yangtze River and used to be the busiest water pier in history. 

    Day 3  Fubao Old Town to Bamboo Forest

    We will spend the whole day taking pictures of Fubao old town, and experience the town life here. The old houses of Fubao are preserved very well, built along a hill with a river flowing besides them. 

    Day 4  Bamboo Forest

    People are often impressed by the deep green shade in the Bamboo Forest. The Bamboo Forest is known by visitors because of the famous movie “Hidden Dragon, Crouching Tiger”, which was directed there. We will spend the whole day walking around Bamboo Forest.

    Day 5  Bamboo Forest to Chengdu via Leshan Giant Buddha

    The Yangtze River which is flowing through Leshan City, it is called the Minjiang River. In this area, three rivers meet. Due to the frequent floods in the past, the Buddha Statue was built for the ordinary people to pray. We will visit the world's biggest single Buddha Statue before heading back to Chengdu.

    Day 6  Chengdu City Tour 

    In the morning we go to Chengdu Panda Sanctuary to observe China's iconic, cuddly pandas in Chengdu. After this, we will go back to downtown Chengdu. In the afternoon, we will walk around Wangjiang Park, sip a cup of green tea and learn how to play Mahjong game to experience the laid-back life of the locals. A farewell dinner will be arranged in a local Sichuan restaurant.

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