Guizhou Minority Village Walk Tour

About This Trip:

Guizhou is a multicultural province with the third largest ethnic population in China. Fifty five distinct ethnic groups live alongside Han Chinese who have migrated there from all regions of the country. The variety of ethnic groups living in Guizhou make up 40 percent of the total population of 35 million. A major charm of the province for travelers is the number of festivals, resplendent with colour and suffused with music, that take place throughout the year and remain an important part of continuing traditional lifestyles and customs. During this 8 day walking tour to the minority villages, we will take you to experience both the stunning views of nature and rich ethnic culture.


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Day 1 Fly to Guiyang

You will be met and welcomed by the guide at Guiyang Airport(early flight). Drive to Visit Anshun Old Town.

Day 2 Guiyang--Jiao Village--Chang Village--Kaili

Drive 3 hours to the village of Long Skirt Miao, you will be welcomed by local traditional singing and dancing. Lunch will be arranged at local family. After that we will head to Chang Village by trekking 5 hours to the top of Leigong Mountain, you 

Day 3 kaili--Rongjiang

In the morning, we will drive for 40 minutes to the hiking trail point and hike 1 hour to explore the Wangba Village of Gejia People.After that drive for 40 minutes to Qingman Miao Village of Green Miao for lunch.  
In the afternoon we head to Shiqiao Village and visit Local paper making from the mulberry tree bark with the traditional way going back to 2000 years. 

Day 4 Rongjiang

After breakfast we drive 1.5 hours(need to switch local minivans) to the Wang Village of Dong people and hike 3-4 hours to Liu Village where both the Dong and the Miao are living harmoniously more than 900 years. After lunch in the village we will hike another 1.5 hours to meet our van and transfer back to Rongjiang.

Day 5 Rongjiang--Yangkai

Dive 2.5 hours to Jiliang Town, then switch local minivans and drive another 30 minutes to Baizhao Village. Hike 2 to 4 hours from Baizhao village to Yangkai Village, where just only 18 families of Miao people living together. Home stay at local family after dinner. (packed lunch for today)

Day 6 Yangki--Jiangliang--Rongjiang

After breakfast, we hike 1.5 hours to meet our van and drive to visit Jiangliang Friday Market which is the largest market for different minority peoples living in this area. After lunch, we drive 3 hours back to Rongjiang. 

Day 7 Rongjiang--Donglang--Jiabang

Drive 2 hours to Donglang, hike 3 hours from Donglang Village to Kongming Village. You will be amazed by the stunning view of the rice terraces. After lunch in kongming village we drive to the hiking point again and hike another 1 hour down to the bottom of the rice terrace to meet our van. Drive to Jabang Village and stay overnight at local guesthouse.

Day 8 Jiabang--Congjiang Train Station

Early in the morning, walk 40 minutes up to a high point for seeing the sun rise over the rice fields. After breakfast you will walk around the Jiabang rice terrace or exploring local villages. After lunch, we drive 2.5 hours to train station for your connecting fast train.Trip ends.

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