Trekking Mt Mingya Gongga

About This Trip:

Boasting some of China’s most spectacular and untamed natural landscapes, the western region of Sichuan province is home to Mount Gongga, a holy Tibetan Buddhist mountain known by locals as Minya Gongga. One of the tallest mountains in the world, Minya Gongga stands at a towering 7,556 meters (24,790 feet) above sea level.
Starting from Chengdu, Sichuan’s provincial capital, we set off on an adventurous expedition to Minya Gongga, summiting three high-altitude passes, trekking through alpine forests and grasslands, and hiking the pilgrimage trail to Gongga Temple. Accompanied by expert local guides, this rugged and demanding excursion will challenge even the most avid of climbers. The reward is an extraordinary adventure in one of the most remote and untouched corners of China.


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Day 1 Arrive in Chengdu

Arrive in Chengdu; dinner featuring Sichuan cuisine; Sichuan opera performance; overnight in Chengdu.

Day 2 Chengdu - Kangding (2,764 meters / 9,069 feet)

Drive scenic route to Kangding; overnight in Kangding

Day 3 Kangding

Acclimatize; visit Ngachu Monastery; hike in nearby countryside; overnight in Kangding.

Day 4 Lao Yulin - Da Caoba

Hike 3-4 hours to Da Caoba; camp.

Day 5 Da Caoba – Gyazi River Camp (3,950 meters / 12, 959 feet)

Leisurely hike to a meadow near Gyazi River; camp.

Day 6 Gyazi River Camp

Depending on energy, explore area around campsite or short hike; camp.

Day 7 Meadow Camp - Shangri Wuqie (4,175 meters / 13,698 feet)

Hike 3-4 hours toward Mt. Minya Gongga; camp.

Day 8 Cross Ruxina La Pass

Cross Ruxina La Pass; descend other side of mountain; camp near foot of mountain.

Day 9 Toward Gongga Temple

Further descend down trail toward Gongga Temple; cross tree-line into primordial forest; camp.

Day 10 Gongga Temple (3,699 meters / 12,136 feet)

Hike 5-6 hours to Gongga Temple; time and energy permitting, climb to lookout point visited by famed Austrian-American explorer Joseph Rock (5,282 meters / 17,001 feet); camp near Gongga Temple.

Day 11 Gongga Temple

Explore Gongga Temple and its murals; relax; (optional) short hike around surrounding area; camp near Gongga Temple.

Day 12 Tsemi La Pass – Foot of Mount Yulongxi (3,398 meters / 11,149 feet)

Cross Tsemi La Pass; descend mountain through forests; camp near Tibetan village at foot of Mount Yulongxi.

Day 13 Yulong Chu Valley

Hike in Yulong Chu Valley toward Gyazi La Pass; camp.

Day 14 Gyazi La Pass (3,901 meters / 12,800 feet) – Gyazi River Camp

Cross Gyazi La Pass; camp near Gyazi River.

Day 15 Gyazi River Camp – Kangding

Descend to Lao Yulin; meet driver and drive to Kangding; Sichuan dinner; overnight in Kangding.

Day 16 Kangding – Chengdu

Drive to Chengdu; Sichuan hot pot dinner; overnight in Chengdu.

Day 17 Depart Chengdu

Transfer to airport; journey ends.

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