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The ancient stone villages of east China’s Anhui province were once home to local merchants, some of the most successful businesspeople of the Ming Dynasty. Located along the banks of the Yangtze River in the areas of Huangshan and Huizhou, these villages facilitated trade between coastal and interior cities, and, later, between China and the outside world. Much of the original Ming and Qing architectural styles from these villages have remained intact. Nearby, the misty peaks of Yellow Mountain (Huangshan) have inspired Chinese artists for generations.

On our journey, we catch the sunset and sunrise on top of Yellow Mountain and explore the terraced fields and bamboo forests of the Chinese countryside, as immortalized in the film, “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.” Along the way, we discover the multitude of ancient villages for which the region is renowned—from the photogenic Hongcun, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, to the less-frequented merchant town of Chengkan. Meet local communities and appreciate the different histories and traditions that give each village its own unique character.

  • Duration: 6 days
  • Priced From: Upon request
  • Time to Visit: All year
  • Destination: Yellow Mountain-Wuyuan County
  • Theme: Nature,History, Culture
  • Itinerary

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    Day1 Home/Yellow Mountain(Huangshan)

    We will arrive in Huangshan City; drive to Yi County (Yixian), visit Xidi Village; overnight in Yi County countryside.

    Day 2 Yi County

    We will visit Hongcun Village; Cycle around the countryside of Hongcun Village. overnight in Yi County countryside.

    Day 3 Yellow Mountain (Huangshan)

    We will drive to Yellow Mountain, hike 5-6 hours (or take a cable car and hike 1.5-2.5 hours) to summit of Yellow Mountain; enjoy sunset; overnight on summit.

    Day 4 Yellow Mountain /Shicheng Village

    We will view the sunrise at Shizifeng (Lion Peak); take a cable car down mountain;

    Drive 2.5 hours to Shicheng village in Wuyuan county. Overnight in Shicheng village

    Day 5 Shicheng/Changxi Village

    We will hike about 4 hours down to Changxi village, overnight in Changxi Village

    Day6 Changxi Village/Yanqian Village

    We will hike about 3 hours to Yanqian Village, transfer to Huangshan airport, the end of trip.

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