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About This Trip:

Sichuan owns some of China’s most important remaining natural habitats and has long served as the last bastion for many of China’s endangered animals, including the iconic wild giant pandas. It has a wonderful diversity of nature and culture. From the west onwards, mountains go all the way up to be eventually kissed by the intensely blue sky at the plateau of more than 6km’s height, where the second largest Tibetan area can be found. Just like any other Asian urban city, people and their lives are racing towards a more modern future, without forgetting all their historical gifts.

On this journey, we immerse in Sichuan’s wonders, from volunteering at the Panda Reserve to hiking along the alpine lakes of Jiuzhaigou national park.

  • Duration: 8 days
  • Priced From: Upon request
  • Time to Visit: All year
  • Destination: Chengdu-Leshan-Jiuzhaigou & Yellow Dragon National Park
  • Theme: Nature,History, Culture Immersion
  • Itinerary

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    Day 1  Home/Chengdu

    Take the flight to Chengdu, stroll through People’s Park , where locals dance, play chess and drink tea. After a Sichuan-style dinner featuring regional specialties, a Chinese opera and “face-changing” show is an option for evening entertainment. 

    Day2  Leshan Giant Buddha

    In the morning drive about 2 hours to Leshan to visit the Great Buddha, which is the largest stone buddha in the world, it is also a World Culture Heritage.
    Late afternoon be transferred back to downtown Chengdu, food tour or cooking experience for your options.

    Day 3  Dujiangyan Panda Base / Chengdu

    In the morning we drive about 1.5hs to Dujiangyan panda Base and spend whole day in  Panda Reserve, participate in volunteer work accompanied by a panda expert.
    Late afternoon before going back to Chendu, we will take you to the nearby tea plantation for a short walk and sip a cup of green tea to relax yourself.

    Day 4 Chengdu/ Yellow dragon/Jiuzhaigou National Park

    Take the early flight to Yellow dragon airport, upon arrival be transferred to Yellow Dragon natural forest, spending whole morning there for the stunning views.
    Late afternoon we drive about 2 hours to Jiuzhaigou national park 

    Day5  Jiuzhaigou National Park

    Spend the day photographing the natural beauty of Jiuzhiagou National Park. 

    Day 6  Jiuzhaigou National Park/Chengdu

    Spend the day in jiuzhaigou National park, enjoying the beautiful landscapes here, afternoon we drive back to Yellow Dragon airport, catch the flight back to Chengdu 

    Day 7  Chengdu

    This morning have an optional walking excursion through a pedestrian neighborhood to get some final shots, do some last-minute shopping,.
    Hot pot is arranged for farewell dinner in the local restaurant 

    Day 8 Depart

    Transfer to the airport today for flights home. 

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