7 Day Trip to Renovation Hakka Earthen Building 

About This Trip:

Fujian offers an opportunity for students to experience China’s Southern cultures—Hakka and Miao—and step back in time to the era of Western colonialism. An often overlooked gem, Fujian exhibits natural beauty and a complex history that meshes into an exciting, thought-provoking adventure!


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Day by Day Itinerary

Day 1 Home/Xiamen/Dalingxia Village

Take the flight to Xia’men, on arrival be transferred to Dalingxia Village, which is about 3 hs driving. Meet the local villagers here.

Day 2 Daxiangling Village

Walk around to Learn about Tulou and local village. An lecture about Tulout Restoration and Architecture is given by the expert. Afternoon start to  renovate Tulou Restoration Work 

Day 3 ,4 &5 Tulou Restoration Work

Two full days in teams to renovate the Tulou which includes the following activities: Dig earth, rammed earth, carry stones, chop bamboos, renovate Tulou 

Day 6 Day Hike to the nearby hill and local village

Today we will spend whole day climbing the nearby hill  with the local kids, and a bonfire party is arranged in Tulou tonight.

Day 7 Daxiangling Village/Xia’men/Home

Transfer you to Xia’men Airport and fly out, the end of trip.


Main Work

1.Learn why and how to renovate Tulou and assist in renovating and beautifying its surrounding environment
2.Share the World/Cultural Heritage of your country with the local people
3.Make a promotional video about Tulou together with other volunteers to share about its social background, history, local culture, and sustainable architecture
4.Interact with local villagers through cultural activities
5.Participate in discussion on change making stories or ideas on world heritage preservation and sustainable building structures whether they are from your country or from others

* If you have some ideas of work, you can propose and discuss with all the others.

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